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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a pathogenic group of Gram-negative bacteria. Legionella bacteria is commonly found in water and airborne water droplets in the form of  mist or vapor.

Can Legionella spread through our air conditioning systems?

Correct. Most people become affected with Legionnairesdisease when they inhale microscopic water droplets containing Legionella bacteria. These micro water droplets can come from cooling towers or air conditioning units at home or in the work place.

Everything seems okay with our water, how can I be sure?

Our friendly RYCO team is here to help and we are more than happy to carry out an industry standard workplace inspection to detect and neutralise any potential risk. We believe a risk should be eliminated and resolved before it progresses into a bigger problem.

Am I required to be compliant in these areas?

Although it is your choice to follow up on checks for compliance in water and air systems, it is highly recommended that all water and air systems are working at an optimal level to prevent the cause and spread of bacteria and potential lethal disease.

If I am not storing hot or cold water or using air con, do I still need a risk assessment?

Yes. There may be other factors within your system that increase the risks of legionellosis, eg deadlegs, showerheads and/or long runs of pipe work containing warm water. A risk assessment should also consider anyone who could be potentially exposed to any legionella bacteria in your system, and particularly groups that are at a higher risk of contracting legionellosis.

How often should I test water for Legionella?

For open systems, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers and spa pools etc, routine testing should be carried out at least quarterly. However, there may be circumstances were more frequent sampling may be required.

Can you help prevent these risks?

Yes. We specialise in the assessment and treatment of water and air systems to help locate and eliminate potential risk and to also help you to comply with the required regulations and standards.

Can you visit our site or workplace to give an assessment?

Yes. Our friendly team can visit you on site or at your location to conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation. We can detect a wide range of potential hazards and provide solutions to resolve them for you.

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